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Nuvo Vivo Wellness - Reverse your age

Saucing it up? Know your sauce

Sauces are a great way to introduce new flavor and aroma to food, besides making the cooking process incredibly easier. But how healthy are these sauce? There is a plethora…



Nuvo Vivo Wellness - Reverse your age

Understanding your cholesterol & lipid profile

Our body transports fat in the form of lipids. There are two types of lipids - cholesterol & triglycerides Firstly, cholesterol is not a bad thing! It is a waxy,…



Cooking Oil

Which Cooking oil to use

This is indeed a million-dollar question. We are not going to list down different oils and mention which is healthy; because that is not how it works! Healthy or unhealthy…



Fatty Liver

How to remedy Fatty Liver!

Before we get to what fatty liver is and how can that be remedied, let us under what does Liver do in human body! Shall we? Liver is an organ…



Coconut Oil

Coconut oil! To be, or not to be!?

Oh, the touchy subject – The coconut oil!  Yes, for most of the Malayalees out there, coconut and the oil from coconut is a staple food. Coconut and coconut oil…





Triglycerides are a type of fat (lipid) found in the blood. Our body converts any extra calories to triglycerides that are stored in your fat cells. And if you regularly…




Transfat! The villian

Many of us have heard a lot about trans fats; some of us even know that they are unhealthy. But do you know why? Well, transfat is used in many…



Eating Out - Parippuvada

Whats exactly the problem with your eating out

As a prelude, we gotta tell you this – Replace ‘Parippuvada’ with cutlet / uzhunnuvdada / meduvada or any other deep-fried food, and the same title and the explanation below…



Oils - Refined Vs cold pressed

Grades of Oils Explained – Cold-Pressed, Refined, Unrefined, Virgin!

It’s like, most of the FMCG companies, operating in the food products segment, are specialised in “marketing gimmicks” than the food itself! Let’s take oil for instance – virgin oil,…



Cholesterol Tablet

Let’s understand your cholesterol medication

  When you take a cholesterol report, (more technically know as Lipid Profile), you get a series of parameters such as HDL, LDL, VLDL, Triglycerides etc. How are they all…



type of fat

Oil & fat types!

Did you know which oil should you be having? 1) Oil is always a mix of different types of fat 2) Scientists are divided on the health impact of saturated…



Top 5 Cholesterol Myths Debunked - Facts You Should Know

5 Common Cholesterol Myths and Facts Behind It

People believe several myths regarding health, right from ancient times. These myths could do more harm than good. Health myths are popular beliefs about health without having any scientific evidence.…

  • PCOS Diet Chart - How to Control PCOS with your Diet Plan and Exercise

    PCOS Diet Plan: How to Control PCOS Effectively With Diet & Exercise?

    PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a common health problem faced by many women worldwide during their childbearing age. The global prevalence of this syndrome ranges from 6% to 26%.…

  • Top Benefits of Drinking Jeera Water to Know

    Top Benefits of Drinking Jeera Water and Side Effects You Should Know

    Jeera, or cumin, is an intensely aromatic spice, well-liked for its warm flavour accompanied by a bit of both sweetness and bitterness. Whatever cuisine you’re cooking, jeera is a great…

  • Best Arthritis Diet & Exercise Kochi

    What is Arthritis? Its causes & treatment

    Arthritis is caused by the inflammation of one or more joints thereby causing stiffness, swelling, or pain. The swelling or tenderness in the joints causes pain and it is often…


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