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The Maida Conundrum

Maida, also known as All-Purpose Flour, is widely considered to be unhealthy and not good for the body. What is the science behind this? Before that, let us understand how…



diabetes image

Diabetes & Lifestyle

Carbohydrates are broken down by our body to produce glucose, there by increasing the blood glucose levels. As soon as the blood glucose levels increases beyond a point, the pancreas…



Sugar Vs Jaggery Vs Honey

Sugar Vs Jaggery Vs Honey

Often a very common question among people! Many of us believe that table sugar is bad for health and if you replace that with jaggery and honey….TADAAAAA!!!!!! it is suddenly…



Glycemic Index

Glycemic Index & Diabetes

Ever wondered why are people with diabetes often advised to reduce rice and instead eat chapati? Let us explain a concept called the glycemic index. Glycemic index (GI) is a…




Sporadic Eating & Headache

Are you someone who is so busy with work and ends up not having meals on time? You may be getting headache, acid reflux/acidity, and if done so for a…



Diabetes Tablet - Metformin

Understanding your diabetes medication – Metform

As you perhaps know already, Carbs (rice, chapati, potato, sugar, sweets etc) is converted in our body into glucose and is released into the blood. This glucose has to go…



Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Sweeteners – How safe are they?

Artificial sweeteners, popularly known as sugar-free, are chemical substances that are several times sweeter and contain almost zero calories. They are hence used for weight loss and also to control…



Slim & Diabetic

Slim, yet diabetic!

Diabetes, as you already know is the body’s inability to manage blood sugar. In type 1 diabetes, the body (pancreas) is unable to produce enough insulin to control the blood…



Diabetes & its consequences

What are the consequences of Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disorder and as the name says it stems out of an improper lifestyle. According to the world health organisation India is the diabetes capital…



Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi

Is Diet Coke safe?

Diet Soda has Zero Calories! It can be helpful to quench the sugar cravings for the diabetic population and those on a weight loss journey. But how much of it…



Are artificial sweeteners carcinogenic

Artificial Sweeteners – Are they carcinogenic? Do they cause cancer?

In 1970s, in a study, Saccharin – an artificial sweetener, was administered to rats in excessive quantities . And it was found that Saccharin caused cancer in rats! Here is…



FREE Diabetes Diet & Exercise Kerala Food.

Free Diabetes Diet & Exercise Plan

NuvoVivo presents FREE, 2-weeks custom made diet and home exercise programs for those who are diabetic or pre-diabetic!!! Type 2 Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder, where our body is unable…



Diabetes Reversal Diet

Diabetes Explained

Diabetes is infact a silent pandemic that has already spread across the globe. The prevalence of this disease is so high even in low income countries – blame the low…



Kidney Disease Diet

Kidney Health – Kidney failure diet, lifestyle changes & more

The kidney, the powerful chemical factory of the human body is one of the most vital organs. This detox organ is a massive filtration system that removes wastes/ drugs, maintains…

  • PCOS Diet Chart - How to Control PCOS with your Diet Plan and Exercise

    PCOS Diet Plan: How to Control PCOS Effectively With Diet & Exercise?

    PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a common health problem faced by many women worldwide during their childbearing age. The global prevalence of this syndrome ranges from 6% to 26%.…

  • Top Benefits of Drinking Jeera Water to Know

    Top Benefits of Drinking Jeera Water and Side Effects You Should Know

    Jeera, or cumin, is an intensely aromatic spice, well-liked for its warm flavour accompanied by a bit of both sweetness and bitterness. Whatever cuisine you’re cooking, jeera is a great…

  • Best Arthritis Diet & Exercise Kochi

    What is Arthritis? Its causes & treatment

    Arthritis is caused by the inflammation of one or more joints thereby causing stiffness, swelling, or pain. The swelling or tenderness in the joints causes pain and it is often…


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