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What is ACL Tear & how to reduce the pain?

ACL Tear & Rehab

ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) is one of the major ligaments in the knee. An ACL injury is most common among sports athletes that involve sudden stops or changes in direction, jumping and landing — such as volleyball, basketball, football, badminton etc.

ACL is essentially a ligament that connects the tibia to the femur – tibia being the bone that connects hips to the knee and femur the main bore that connects knee to the feet. The main function of ACL is to prevent the tibia from sliding out in front of the femur, as well as provides rotational stability to the knee.

Most of the ACL injuries result in a complete tear of the ligament and often requires minimally invasive surgery to reconstruct the torn ligament. Always consult your orthopedic surgeon for an expert opinion in case of an ACL tear.

It will be a good idea to wear an ACL brace/knee cap post the surgery. Here are some exercises that can help rehab and relieve the pain

ACL Tear & Rehab
ACL Tear & Rehab
ACL Tear & Rehab

Published : - 02/26/2020

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