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Do you gain weight with carbs?


Have you ever been told you that you will gain weight if you eat carbs (Rice)?

Well, that is scientifically wrong! You gain weight due to an energy surplus in your body.. i.e calorie surplus and you lose weight because of a calorie deficit. This is the basic law of physics (law of conservation of energy & mass)

Yet, at the same time, we are sure you noticed a sudden 1 – 2 kg of weight gain after you binged on a lot of carbs (Sweets, rice, sugary drinks, etc). Why is that so?

Well, we have good news for you! Chillax!!! You have NOT gained 1 – 2 kg of body fat.. it is just water retention and that will go away with-in a day or two.

For every 1 gm of carbs, the body retains 3 – 4 gms of water for digestion which is much higher than protein or fats. This is why you feel bloated and gained 1-2 kgs the very next day. This is also the same reason you magically see a few kgs of weight loss when you immediately stop carbs for 1-2 days (keto diet) – because the body does not retain water anymore in the absence of carbs.

Thus carbs are not be your enemy. It is the excess calories that make one gain weight and unhealthy– not carbs. And the sudden weight gain that you see after a sugar binge is nothing other than water retention

Published : - 02/09/2020

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