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Does eating rice make you fat?


Let me straight away answer that question for you!

NO! Rice does not make you fat! 

You gain weight only when you consume more calories than the calories that you require (or burn) in a day. If you love rice, then go ahead and eat it – just make sure that your total calorie intake during the day is not more than the total calorie out.

Whether you lose or gain weight depends on the simple law of energy balance. Here is a brief explanation of energy balance –

  1. If the calories consumed is more than the calories burned then you gain weight,
  2. whereas if the calories consumed is lesser than calories burned, then you lose weight.
  3. If calorie in = calorie out, then you maintain your weight!

Quite logically, excess calories make you gain weight.. and not any specific kind of food. Even if you eat the healthiest food, but in excess, you will still gain weight!

Published : - 02/01/2020

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