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Why do we weigh food?

Why do we weigh food

We are not a fan of measuring food  in terms of ‘a handful of nuts’, ‘a bowl of rice’, ‘tablespoon of oil’ etc!!

We always ask our clients to weigh the food – at least initially. Measurement units such as handful, tablespoon, bowl, etc are highly variable and can make a HUGE difference in the calories.

Sure! We do not want you to weight the food for the rest of your life. But if you weight it twice or thrice, you will be able to eye-ball it from the 4th time! Just by looking at the food on your plate , you would know how much rice  and chicken that is and how much calories it is. Such an understanding will take you a long way in helping you stay fit and healthy. It also helps you understand how much have you overeaten and how to adjust it in the next meal!

Our clients’ weight food at least initially and they find it much easier to track calories by eyeballing it after a week..Trust us, it is very simple and easy.. just need to apply some common sense and Voila!!! You have figured it out…

Published : - 02/26/2020

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