Beat diabetes, thyroid disorders, fatty liver, PCOD etc through lifestyle changes!

Beat diabetes, thyroid disorders, fatty liver, PCOD etc through lifestyle changes!

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  • BMI is a wrong indicator of your fitness!

    Many of us who want to become healthy start with measuring our BMI. But, BMI can often give you a very wrong idea of how healthy or fit you are.

    Intrigued!? Watch the video to know more

  • Effective tips to lose weight

    Hip Hip Hurray!! Here is an easy, yet effective tips to lose body/tummy fat, and tone up or even gain some muscles. What more!? Follow these three tips and reverse your age! Trust us! 🙂

  • Weight loss supplements – A bad bad idea!

    The global weight loss industry is going to be $200 bn + by 2025 and has its clout! The things they advertise and market – are they really true!? Well, if something is too good to be true, then it is probably NOT true!

  • What does it mean to be fit?

    Is it having a chiseled body with six pack abs!? Or is it about being very flexible and doing certain insane ‘pose’ like many yoga gurus do?

    Or is it just how much weight can you lift? Watch the video to know more

  • How to lose belly fat?

    The million dollar question indeed!

    How do I lose belly fat! There is good news and bad news. The bad news is that the belly fat is also known as stubborn fat and is tough to go away. The good news is, it is possible to get rid of belly fat with some patience and consistenc

  • Replacing Sugar with honey or jaggery?

    Is Jaggery / Honey better than sugar?

    Well, for sure jaggery and honey has more micro nutrient values and minerals than simple plan, table sugar.. but at the end of the day, both will trigger an immediate insulin release!

    Watch the video to know more.

  • The coconut oil debate

    Coconut oil (saturated fat) & heart diseases

    Coronary artery diseases has been on a rise in our country and especially in Kerala! Is saturated fat such as coconut oil, the culprit? The nutrition experts across the world is still debating..listen to what we have to say about it

  • Weight loss explained

    Almost everyone wants to lose weight. Those who are more aware, wants to lose fat. Those who are well aware, wants to improve body composition, reduce body fat% and improve muscle mass.

    But, did you know that the science of fat loss is explained a lot by Physics, more than Biology!?

  • Detox Juice & the truth!

    Detox juice is the new kid in the block!

    We are not vilifying vegetable and fruit juice. But let us just examine if they are what they are marketed to be as!? Does vegetable juice magically cleanse your body? Well, as always, we like talking science…and lets hear some!

  • Is walking an exercise?

    Most of us who wants to become healthy starts with walking! Well, that is great.. and you should do that..But is walking really an exercise ??

    No! It is not! Watch the video to know more

  • What exercise should you do?

    Running, Swimming, Zumba, Gymming, Cycling, Yoga….and many more!

    But when you want to exercise, what do you start with? Are all these exercises the same? Watch the video to know more..

  • Where do we go wrong in our food choices?

    In today’s over-marketing world, every food is claimed to be healthy! Nonetheless, we still go wrong! Where why and how!??

    Listen to know more.

  • Breaking down our food

    We gonna breakdown the food for you!

    Listen to know more!

  • Should you eat after evening? (Intermittent Fasting)

    Haven’t you heard elders advising you not to eat after 7 pm. What is the background behind that?

    Here is an explanation to the same, along with introducing the concept of Intermittent Fasting!

  • Alcohol & Dieting!

    Does dieting mean not having a social life? Is it possible to have alcohol, yet still achieve progress towards improving health!?

    Well, it is possible – but ofcourse, the terms & conditions apply 🙂 We maintain that alcohol is not healthy, however, it is still possible to achieve some results. Watch the video to know more

  • Flexible approach to fitness

    Whats the point in living every day for a tomorrow and never ever living a today!?

    Fitness routine has to be flexible for long term adherence. the trick in learning how to have an ice cream / cake / ladoo once in a while and still be healthy and fit

  • When does weight loss become unhealthy?

    Is weight loss synonymous with becoming healthy!?

    No! Not at all..Most of the times, weight loss is unhealthy. For weight loss to be healthy, there are a few things to be taken care off

  • Does Rice make you fat? Will lemon & honey help?

    There is a general perception that rice makes a person fat and avoiding rice is needed to lose weight!

    Yet another widely recognised method for weight loss is honey with lemon!

    What’s the truth behind this?

  • Is Gluten really bad?

    FMCG companies are going on a frenzy, marketing gluten-free snacks and cookies! What exactly is gluten?

    Is gluten unhealthy? Should you stop eating gluten? If not, how much of gluten is allowed daily? Let’s find out!

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