Beat diabetes, thyroid disorders, fatty liver, PCOD etc through lifestyle changes!

Beat diabetes, thyroid disorders, fatty liver, PCOD etc through lifestyle changes!

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  • Nuvo Vivo Wellness - Reverse your age

    3 months transformation

    Here is a 3 months transformation of a dear client of ours from Singapore! He is a dynamic young entrepreneur in Singapore. He has always been interested in fitness. However, thank to hectic life schedule and lack of guidance, he lost his aesthetic frame.

    He reached out to NuvoVivo to reverse his age.. and that is what he did.. he now looks 5 years younger. The tremendous improvement around the belly area is worth noticing!

  • Nuvo Vivo Wellness - Reverse your age

    Non scalar improvements

    Transformation is not always about how you improve physically. Infact, non scalar improvements can be more rewarding..Here is one such, from our client.

    Before NuvoVivo, the Hba1c readings indicated highly diabetic and within three months, the condition is well managed to Pre-diabetic

  • Nuvo Vivo Wellness - Reverse your age

    Three months after NuvoVivo

    Here is a before-after of our client who has been grappling with fatty liver since three years. The ‘after-reports’ are 3 months after NuvoVivo (see the report dates)

    As you can see, the change in SGOT / SGPT levels are amazing – We created a calories planned diet & included some home based exercises (5 days a week). We also made sure that the diet is very flexible and is the usual food that we all eat. Of course, we also made sure that the client is following the program – with a little bit of motivation, hand holding, follow-ups

  • Nuvo Vivo Wellness - Reverse your age

    just get fit

    This 29 year old young chap from Trivandrum wanted to just get fit. He was devoid of any medical issues and he wanted to gain some muscles and lose some body fat! In short, he wanted to improve his body composition and that is precisely what he did!

    He followed a highly flexible diet that included breakfast such as dosa, idly etc and rice for both lunch and dinner, along with chicken curry, fish, vegetable curry etc and fruits

  • Nuvo Vivo Wellness - Reverse your age

    reduced nearly 14 kgs

    Here is a happy client from bangalore, who reduced nearly 14 kgs in 3 months! His triglycerides and cholesterol levels were normalised after NuvoVivo!

    This photo was taken right before going out for shopping! Poor guy – he does not fit into a XXL shirt anymore and wanted a L sized shirt!;)

  • Nuvo Vivo Wellness - Reverse your age

    Mr. Ranjith Sivaraman

    Mr. Ranjith Sivaraman was diabetic as he couldn’t give much importance to his health between his business career. Now he has reversed his age – visibly in his appearance, and his blood sugar levels are now normal.  He followed a well-structured nutrition that involved normal Malayalee food such as dosa, idly, rice,  chicken/fish, veg curry, fruits, etc.

    With a 30 mins home-based exercise and discipline,  he is an inspiration to others in taking care of health, yet enjoying a flexible nutrition and flexible fitness !

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