Beat diabetes, thyroid disorders, fatty liver, PCOD etc through lifestyle changes!

Beat diabetes, thyroid disorders, fatty liver, PCOD etc through lifestyle changes!

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Corona Anxiety

Corona causing anxiety & depression?

  “Where ever you go, I’m there – Gadha Jam!” All malayalees are familiar with the above movie dialogue, from the famous Mohanlal movie – “Vandanam” Well, Corona seem to…


Clean Eating

What is clean eating? Is clean eating a myth?

Latest buzz word among the health conscious people is – “Clean Eating” What exactly is clean eating? Will clean eating help you to become healthy and fit? Clean eating, in…


type of fat

Oil & fat types!

Did you know which oil should you be having? 1) Oil is always a mix of different types of fat 2) Scientists are divided on the health impact of saturated…


Best weight loss in kochi diet to lose belly fat

Best Weight Loss Diet in Kochi, Kerala

Weight Loss and weight loss diets are one of the most searched key words in the internet. But is weight loss the be all and the end all of becoming…


Protein, Steroids & Muscles

Protein, Steroids & Muscles

Steroids and Protein Powder!! Is it bad for you??? You must have seen Arnold Schwarzenegger and The Rock in the movies! Those beefy muscles possibly in every part of their…


FREE Diabetes Diet & Exercise Kerala Food.

Free Diabetes Diet & Exercise Plan

NuvoVivo presents FREE, 2-weeks custom made diet and home exercise programs for those who are diabetic or pre-diabetic!!! Type 2 Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder, where our body is unable…


Diabetic Drug Explained

Diabetes Medications – Explained

Diabetes management is a combination of 4 things –  Medicines (if needed) Diet Planning (very much needed) Physical Activity (has to be done based on age and physical conditions) Proper…


Deep breathing and blood pressure

Breathing in & out!

Breathe in!!!.. And then, breathe out! Sounds pretty simple.. isn’t it !? But did you know almost all of us do not breathe in and breathe out the right way!?…


Heart rate during exercise

Heart rate while exercising

What is the normal rate for a healthy person? And, how much can it increase while exercising?  Heart rate or the pulse rate is basically the number of times your…



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