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Core Muscles and some Workouts!

Core Workouts

Core Muscles are one of the most active and important muscle groups in our body. These muscles are attached to either the spine or to the pelvic region. We need core muscles for almost all of our activities – walking, sitting, getting up from bed, playing, etc. A strong core muscle is very important, to alleviate pain – especially for the back and spine

Many people equate core muscles to the abs (rectus abdominis), but the core muscles are much much more than that. The core muscles can be broadly classified as those situated at the anterior side (around the abdomen) and the posterior side ( back and around the buttocks /hips). All these muscles together help in bending, twisting, turning, and supporting the spine and pelvic region

The following body-weight exercises will help in improving core stability, strength, and flexibility

core workouts
core workouts
core workouts

Published : - 02/26/2020

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