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Drinking water while eating

Drinking water while eating

Should you drink water before your meal, during the meal or after your meal? Which is beneficial or ideal?

It is recommended not to drink too much water¬†right before your meal; nor is it a great idea to drink too much water right after the meal. This is to make sure that the gastric and digestive enzymes in the stomach are not diluted as it may hamper the digestion & absorption of nutrients. It is alright to sip water between meals as it helps in grinding the meal, facilitating quick absorption. However, make sure it is only “sipping” water and not drinking a lot of it!

It is fine to drink 1-2 glasses of water 30 mins after the meal as the digestive procedure would have already started. As far as the temperature of the water is concerned, it is better to drink water in room temperature or slightly warm.

Published : - 02/19/2020

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