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Eating rice does not make you fat

Rice does not make you fat

Yes! You heard that right!! Eating rice does not make you fat; it is the excess calorie that makes a person gain weight!

Anyway, coming to the 3 tricks to get back in shape

1) Eat within your calories – Eat nutritious food that is also within the calorie expenditure of your body. Even the healthiest of the food, if you overeat, will make you gain weight

2) Move more – You cannot wish away from physical activities. However, please note that there are many types of physical activities – running, swimming, cycling, gym, yoga, Zumba, gym, etc. They all burn calories & increase the energy expenditure, but not all of them are equal & does not have the same results

3) Sleep, Rest & Recovery – This is very important and only with adequate rest, the body will be able to repair itself to become healthy

Published : - 02/04/2020

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