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Free Diabetes Diet & Exercise Plan

FREE Diabetes Diet & Exercise Kerala Food.

NuvoVivo presents FREE, 2-weeks custom made diet and home exercise programs for those who are diabetic or pre-diabetic!!!

Type 2 Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder, where our body is unable to manage carbohydrates. This happens when our body turns resistant to the hormone which reduces the blood glucose levels – insulin! This resistance to the insulin hormone can be greatly reduced, thereby managing or even reversing diabetes to a great extend, with the help of a properly planned diet and exercise!

Diabetes is a silent killer; prolonged blood sugar levels can impact various vital organs such as kidney, nerves, feet and even eyes! While medicines play an important role in controlling the blood sugar and even preventing complications, the long term solution to managing diabetes is only a changed lifestyle change.

NuvoVivo is an online health, wellness and fitness company specialised in the nutrition and fitness plan for the diabetic population. This diet and exercise is custom made for each person based on their medical as well as physical conditions.

Terms & Conditions

  • Whatsapp us your recent blood report OR your current FBS & PPBS number at +91-7994999735
  • This program can be availed only from 12th – 14th Nov’ 2020 ONLY

Published : - 11/11/2020

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