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How to lose weight

lose weight

Weight Loss happens when the calories you supply to your body is lesser than the calories your body needs in a day!To put it otherwise, a calorie deficit helps you in losing weight.

But, WAIT! Is it that simple? Of course not! Let me explain to you the science of weight loss first!

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In fact, you should worry about fat loss, without losing muscles (or lean body mass) Haven’t you noticed many a lot people who have lost weight but looks sick and older than what they used to be? Their skin becomes wrinkled, some of the lose hair etc! They are all example of an unhealthy weight loss (a lot of lean body mass  lost in the process of weight loss).

Let us learn how to lose weight in healthy way! that is, losing only body fat!

Energy Balance – Weight Gain/Loss

Whether you gain or lose weight depends at the energy balance, as described in the image below

Now you know, that a calories deficit is what helps you to lose weight. However, before you go on a calorie deficit you need to know a couple of things

  1. The deficit in the calories should not be too huge to create metabolic issues, hormonal imbalances or other health issues later
  2. You should not crash diet or starve yourself just to lose weight. You will, of course, see a drop in your weight initially, but trust us, it will do more harm than good!
  3. Your energy/calories come mainly from 3 macronutrients – fat, protein & carbohydrates. Your diet should be a healthy combination of an adequate amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates

However, it is important to understand that weight loss is just one among the many parameters of improving health. People with low metabolism and issues such as thyroid, PCOD etc would often see very slow progress and weight loss.

In such cases, it is important to understand that you should improve your over al health and the weight loss (or rather fat loss) will follow!

Published : - 02/03/2020

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