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Walking is not an exercise

Walking is not an exercise

Yes! you heard that right – walking is NOT an exercise. It is a light cardio vascular activity that is very gentle on your body.

Do not get us wrong – it is definitely good to go out walking and get some fresh air, rather than being a couch potato. However the amount of calories that is burns is comparatively lower . To put in perspective, an hour of brisk walk will burn roughly 2 dosa calories (200 calories)

Since walking is a low impact aerobic activity, it is very gentle on your body. It is hence recommended for people who have arthritis or is massively obese. However, if you are looking forward to lose some body fat and/or build some muscle it is recommended to do a proper mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercises along with the right kind of nutrition planning.

Published : - 02/05/2020

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